The development of the Management Information System (MIS) of the University of Mauritius has started in the year 1999. Since then a number of Information Systems have been implemented and deployed throughout the Institution. The vision of the MIS is to create and disseminate useful, accurate and timely information in an environment of security, honesty and courtesy towards University end-users through an integrated Management Information System with the aim of improving the internal efficiency of the University administration and management. The mission of the MIS is to deliver information to policy makers, staff, and students of the University of Mauritius in a user-friendly, secure and effective way. The information will be current, accurate, comprehensive, and integrated to reflect the work undertaken at the University. The MIS will serve University end-users with continually improved, efficient and cost effective technology products and services so as to meet expectations. The University MIS is developed and maintained by a team of in-house staff who has gathered the required technical skills to build both online (web-based) and client-server information systems. The University MIS has developed a number of information systems which allow end-users namely the general public, students or University staff to interact with University processes. The systems developed are:


  1. Student Information System
  2. Student Online System
  3. On-Line Posting of Marks
  4. Admission and Nominal Roll System
  5. On-Line Undergraduate/Postgraduate Applications
  6. Online Needy Student Fund
  7. Consultancy Management System
  8. Management of MOU/Agreement
  9. Research Information Management System
  10. Student Assistance Scheme
  11. Overtime Management System
  12. Online Certificate Authentication Service
  13. Online Part-time Lecturer Application System
  14. Academic Recruitment System
  15. E-Library
  16. Student Academic Credentials

The MIS Department has also successfully supervised the customisation and deployment of the:
  1. Oracle E-Business Suite (UIIS)
  2. Libero Library Management System.



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