On 22nd April 2017, the first Mandarin course for students of the University of Mauritius started on campus.

The Mandarin courses have three levels and each level is over a period of 16 weeks. At the end of each level, students are assessed and a certificate is delivered to those who pass the assessment exercise and have a set level (80%) of attendance. Successful students (around 15-20) are expected to travel to China as part of a students’ exchange programme for an experience of Chinese culture. In China, CI-UoM students can further their learning of the Mandarin language. The travel is largely funded and necessary arrangements made by the Confucius Institute at UoM.

Language is a media through which people can get to know different cultures and promote friendship between nations. Confucius Institute would like to serve as this platform to stimulate the exchange of cultures. Students from the University of Mauritius and from other academic tertiary institutions are most welcome to attend the Mandarin courses.

Similar courses have been extended to staff of the University of Mauritius. The staff are our new CI-UoM students and successful ones (10-15) would also benefit from cultural exchanges and travel to China.