UoM Students’ Exchange at ZSTU, Dec 2017-Jan 2018

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University invited six students of the University of Mauritius to attend a short term study from 15 December 2017 to 20 January 2018 in Fashion Design at the School of International Education, ZSTU. The six students were from the Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development (DASED). Five first year students of the BSc(Hons) Fashion Technology (Minor Entrepreneurship) programme of study and one second year student of the BSc(Hons) Design and Colour Applications for Industry programme of study attended the short courses.
There were several short courses on offer based on the level of study of the students and their field of interest. Among the various short courses on offer were: Introduction to Fashion Industry; Fashion Consumer Behavior; Draping for Fashion Design; Flat Pattern Design; and Designer Flats and Technical Sketching. The courses were dispensed by staff of ZSTU and FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and were free of charge for all the six UoM students.
The students were warmly welcome by the staff of ZSTU and FIT. They stayed in dormitories at ZSTU and were offered food subsidies during their stay. It took them a few days to get accustomed to life on campus, a new culture and language. And the integration was made easy thanks to the friendly staff and students of ZSTU. The students very much enjoyed the experience of studying at a foreign university and performed well in all the tasks and assignments given out to them. At the end of the respective courses, they were awarded a certificate for their proud achievements.
Besides the study, UoM students interacted with students from ZSTU on several occasions and visited a number of places in and around Hangzhou and could experience the rich heritage of Chinese culture and tradition. 

Below are feedbacks from the students of the University of Mauritius after their short term study at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, December 2017- January 2018.

Anshee Soobaroyen, First Year Student, BSc(Hons) Fashion Technology with Minor Entrepreneurship, University of Mauritius.
“My experience at ZSTU was an awesome one; we had a great moment together in Hangzhou not just in terms of academic knowledge acquired but also what we’ve been able to learn about Chinese culture and tradition. The Chinese food is delicious and with chop sticks, it becomes an even greater experience. We went on a cultural trip to 'Shanjing’ village where we learned how to make rice cakes; we stayed at the ‘Friendship’ building which is the dormitory of ZSTU and interacted with many international students with whom we were able to share our cultural experiences. This trip was a very useful one as I personally feel more confident and mature. I hope I get another chance to study at ZSTU and make happy memories of my stay there!”

International Training Workshop at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU), Oct 2017

Three staff of DASED attended an International Training Workshop on “Processing Technology and Innovation Design of Modern Silk Products”, 12th-26th Oct 2017. The Workshop was hosted and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China and the event was organized by ZSTU.

ZSTU has a remarkable history of silk education, research and development spanning over 120 years! The College of Materials and Textiles and the Silk Institute at ZSTU have grown into a prestigious educational location with distinctive characteristics, strength and international influence.

In Mauritius, most of the silk products are imported from Asian countries, in particular, China and India. They come in the form of silk yarns, fabrics and finished apparel goods. Some of the imported silk materials are for upholstery or home/domestic products such as covers for cushions and beds etc. There is no textile industry which is specifically geared towards the production of silk and silk fabrics in Mauritius. However, there is substantial activity around the use of silk yarns and silk fabrics for the production of high-end and value added silk products. Silk is a highly priced items for both apparel and home products such as dresses, scarves, ties, covers, bags and shoes.

There are a few designers who use quite substantial amount of silk fabric in their collection of silk scarves, ties, kaftans, dresses, shirts etc. For example, silk kaftans from the Mauritius Indian Ocean Collection of silk designer kaftans and silk mini dresses are made from delicate sheer silk fabrics decorated with clusters of golden grapes soft pink & gold beading and embroidery around the neckline and the body of the silk kaftans are hand painted and tie dyed to create various tropical effect for casual and other resort wear. There are also a number of shopping venues and malls which sell silk products, hand-painted locally at affordable prices.

This workshop on “Processing Technology and Innovation Design of Modern Silk Products” would allow resource persons attending the workshop to gain knowledge, know-how about silk, its processes and the different innovative products that may be derived from this high value natural fibre. There is a wide scope to expand the business of silk products notably in the sphere of lingerie, dresses, and suit. The experience gained from the workshop would benefit students well in that the acquired skills and techniques for the processing of silk materials would serve them for the development of value added and high-end products. The government has a number of schemes for students and entrepreneurs who could, through entrepreneurship, become drivers of the economy and provide an engine for growth and employment creation.

The participants attended lectures, seminars and talks given by experts in various areas of silk processing and innovative silk design at ZSTU. They also visited ZSTU silk museum, silk processing factories, Huzhou Silk Town and Museums, Hangzhou National Textile and Fashion Creative Design Experimental Park, and attended “Belt and Road Forum for International Silk” at Silk Expo, Hangzhou, Oct 2017 and a silk fashion show organised by Silk Expo. It was a very enriching experience for the participants.

Students’ Exchange between ZSTU and UoM, August 2017

A delegation of students from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University visited the campus of the University of Mauritius, 22nd-24th Aug 2017.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jhurry, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Academia, Professor Sobhee and representatives of Registrar’s Office met the students in the conference room. The VC gave a warm welcome speech and said that the students’ visit to UoM is the first exchange of students between the two universities. He hopes that the visit opens the door to further cooperation between the two universities. He wished the students from ZSTU an enjoyable stay in Mauritius.
The students were led by Miss Jin Xiannyu, Academic Staff at ZSTU, and were accompanied by ten students from UoM during their time at the University of Mauritius. The students of ZSTU experienced different aspects of life in Mauritius.

Trips to China Town, Chinese Middle School, National Museum of Aapravasi Ghat, Centre for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research, EON Reality Mauritius Ltd, and Sugar Museum were organized by CI-UoM. The students showed great interest in the local culture. What impressed them most was the inter-mix of different cultures in Mauritius. This is what Confucius Institute tries to advocate - harmonious society.

The Ambassador of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Mr Sun Gongyi, welcomed the students of the two universities. He advised that young students should do their best to promote the friendship between the two countries and be the ambassadors to disseminate friendship among people of the two countries.

Before the Chinese students left, students from the two universities exchanged gifts with each other as a token of their friendship. They hope that they can meet again next year, this time in China!

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