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Welcome to the department of Finance and Accounting. You will find details of our very successful range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes covering Accounting, Finance, Banking, International Business Finance, and Financial Services on the University website ( Each programme has been reviewed with the support of our partners from industry to ensure coverage of the latest trend within each field of study, for better employability of our graduates. This makes our offer most popular among students. In addition, our BSc Accounting Minor Management and BSc Accounting Minor Finance are accredited by the ACCA and ICAEW and UOM accounting graduates avail from a significant number of exemptions from these accounting bodies. More importantly, given the growing importance of information technology skills for professional accountants, the department also offers another ACCA accredited accounting programme, namely, BSc Accounting minor Business Informatics which brings together both key accounting skills as well as the employer-desired business informatics and IT skills.

Apart from providing an excellent work and learning environment, the department endeavours to prepare its graduates to develop their versatility and adapt to the demanding needs of employers in several  important sectors of the economy including the financial services sector, which has now become one of the rising pillars of our economy. The department has also specifically established important links with industry in order to address its needs in terms of resources and capacity building.

Over the years, the department has built a strong research culture where staff members and postgraduate students are engaged in both academic research and consultancy projects leading to the creation of  knowledge and application of novel techniques in the interlinked fields of finance, accounting, taxation, audit and financial services. We have developed and nurtured important collaborations with various international universities in the UK and Australia to not only further the research drive of the department but more importantly promote the credentials of the department’s programmes within and beyond Mauritius.

We trust that with the support of the staff of the department, your academic journey with us will be an exceptional one.

V Ramlugun