Accreditation of Engineering Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering, UoM is Mauritius’s top Engineering Faculty with more than 3000 students. It aspires to provide world class education and produce first-class engineers and graduates. In order to further enhance the quality of its graduates, the Faculty of Engineering is currently in the process of seeking international accreditation of its engineering programme with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Accreditation will add more value to the engineering programmes by ensuring that the Faculty of Engineering meets international standards while educating and training engineers. In addition, accreditation will facilitate global mobility and increase employment opportunities for graduates. ECSA has accepted the request of the Faculty for assistance to develop our engineering qualifications to meet international standards.  Several training workshops on accreditation have been conducted, with a view to  to familiarise all staff of the Faculty with the guidelines and requirements of the Engineering Council of South Africa and the accreditation process. 



Accreditation Documents

1. ECSA E-01-P Background to Eng Education

2. ECSA E-02-PE Qualification standard

3. ECSA E-03-P Criteria for accreditaion

4. ECSA E-10-P Policy on accreditation.pdf

5. ECSA E-11-P Accreditation process

6. ECSA E-12-P Documentation requirements

7. ECSA E-13-P Forms for use in acceditation visit

8. ECSA E-13-P-T7-EPAC_TPAC Tables

9. ECSA E-14-P_Report_Template

10. ECSA E-14-PT Report template

11. ECSA E-17-P Recognition of Educational programmes

12. Presentation to Staff 25 Oct 2018

13. Throughput_Calc_Table7