As per University Statute 19 (1) of the University of Mauritius

Statute 19 (1)
Current Membership

The Chancellor – Chairperson

Dr Louis Jean Claude Autrey, CSK

The Pro-Chancellor

Mr Preeaduth Chitamun, CSK
The Vice-Chancellor Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, CSK

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia)

Professor S K Sobhee

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources)

Associate Professor M I Santally

The Chief of Facilities and Services

Mr H Goolap
The Deans of Faculties

Faculty of Agriculture

Associate Professor Daneshwar PUCHOOA

Faculty of Engineering

Associate Professor (Dr) S Rosunee
Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies Associate Prof S Baichoo 

Faculty of Law & Management

Associate Professor (Dr) Geetanee Napal

Faculty of Science

Associate Professor (Dr) Suress Bhagwant

Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities

Professor L A Carpooran, OSK

The Minister overseeing Tertiary Education

The Hon (Mrs) Leela Devi Dookhun-Luchoomun
Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry overseeing Tertiary Education

Mrs J Sooben Acting Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Two members of the National Assembly

(to be nominated by the Honourable Speaker)

Hon Vedasingam Baloomoody
Hon (Dr) Zouberr Houssein Issa Joomaye

One Benefactor of the University

(to be nominated by Council)

Mr Georges Chung Tick Kan



One Person to represent Learned Societies

(to be nominated by Senate)

Dr Denis Li Kam Wa
Société des Médecins, Dentistes et Pharmaciens

Three Persons to represent the Professions

(to be nominated by Council in consultation with Senate)

Since 1996, the 3 persons are:
- Chairman, Medical Council
- President, Bar Council
- President, Institution of Engineers Mauritius

Dr K K S Jagutpal
Medical Council of Mauritius
Me Jacques Tsang Man Kin
Mauritius Bar Association
Mr Raj H Prayag
Institution of Engineers Mauritius

One Member of the University Convocation
(to be nominated by Convocation)

Mr Havish Gokhool

One representative of the Tertiary Education Commission

The Executive Director
Tertiary Education Commission 

One Representative of the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development

Mr Pradeep K Joosery
Director MITD

One Representative of Local Government

(to be nominated by the Minister of Local Government)

Mr Georges Henry Jeanne
Permanent Secretary

One representative to be nominated by the Minister of Cooperatives

Mr Devanand Sobnath
Ag. Secretary for Cooperative Development

One representative of the Trade Unions

(to be nominated by the Minister of Labour and Industrial Relations)

Mr Suraj RAY
Congress of Independent Trade Unions

One representative of the Employers

(to be nominated by the Mauritius Employers’ Federation)

Mr Anwar Joonas

One representative from the Mauritius Export Association


One Rector to represent Secondary Schools

Mr Devendra Ramanah
Queen Elizabeth College

One representative of the Chamber of Agriculture

Mrs Jacqueline Sauzier
General Secretary

One representative of Chamber of Commerce

Mr Toriden Chellapermal
Chief Executive Officer
MCCI Business School

One representative nominated by the Association of Bankers

Mr Daniel Essoo
Chief Executive Officer
Mauritius Bankers Association Ltd

A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office

Mr Tamanah Appadu
Permanent Secretary

A representative of the Attorney-General

Miss S Gareeboo
Assistant Parliamentary Counsel

Five persons nominated by the Prime Minister from Business and Industry

1. Mr Cedric De Speville
    Chief Executive Officer
    Eclosia Group
2. Mr Arvind Issur
    Managing Director
    Toyota Mauritius Ltd
3. Mr Jacques Li Wan Po
    Managing Director
    Food Canners Ltd
4. Mr Ahmed Parkar
    Managing Director
    Star Knitwear
5. Mr Hemraj Ramnial

One representative of each of the registered Staff Unions of the University

Mr I Sookhroo
University of Mauritius Staff Union (USU)

Mr J Dwarka
University of Mauritius Technicians Union

Dr A Khoodaruth
Uniiversity of Mauritius Academic Staff Union

One representative of the Students’ Union of the University

Mr Mohammad Saahir Dawood Goolfee
President, Students’ Union 

Secretary (Administrative Manager)

Mrs V S Jhugaroo




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