Dr Louis Jean Claude Autrey, CSK

 Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council
 Mr Preeaduth Chitamun , CSK                                                                                                view details ...>>

Senior Management team

Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, CSK

Pro - Vice - Chancellor (Planning and Resources)
Associate Professor Thanika D Juwaheer

Chief of Facilities & Services
Mr Heerun Goolap

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Students Affairs


Mrs Sharda Rekhadevi Issur-Goorah

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Deans of Faculty

Faculty of Agriculture
Professor Sunita Facknath

Faculty of Engineering
Associate Professor (Dr) Satyadev Rosunee

Faculty of Law & Management
Associate Professor (Dr) Geetanee Napal

Faculty of Ocean Studies
Associate Professor Manta Devi Nowbuth

Faculty of Science
Professor Muddun Bhuruth, OSK

Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities
Associate Professor Uma Bhowon



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Finance Director
Mrs K Chaya Bholah

Director, Human Resources
Mr Shailendra Gungah

Chief Librarian
Mr I. Dassyne

Director, Centre for Information Technology & Systems
Mr Roshan Halkhoree

Director, Quality Assurance
Dr Fareeda  Khodabocus

Director, Doctoral School
Professor Harry Coomar Shumsher Rughooputh

Officer-in-Charge, Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning
Dr. Mohammad Santally


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Senior Administrative Manager
Mrs Bodita Ramano  

Public Relations Officer
Mrs Amreeta Nivault

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