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I have observed several southern hemisphere pulsars with MRT at 151.6 MHz and detected about 10, including the millisecond pulsar, J0437-4715. Below is an average profile of this millisecond pulsar observed at MRT, shown along with higher frequency profiles of Bell et al (1997).

Here are some photos from the IAU COLLOQUIUM No. 177 Pulsar Astronomy - 2000 and Beyond Bonn, Germany, 30 August to 3 September 1999, in which I participated.

1. Photo of Anthony Hewish, Nobel prize winner in 1973 for the discovery of the first pulsar.

2. Photo of Jocelyn Bell, the lady who was the first one to have seen clock-like pulses from a celestial source (discovery of the first pulsar).

3. Dipanjan Mitra, Tim Hankins and Joanna Rankin .

My e-mail address: nalini@uom.ac.mu

My hobbies were cooking, eating, learning new recipes or anything associated with food and of course sky watching ! Now I do cook and try out new recipes when time permits but most of my sky watching is through my computer screen !

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