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Even though import tariffs have declined globally owing to the demands from the multilateral rounds negotiations and the proliferating preferential agreements, Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) have risen significantly in recent years and have become a concern for competitiveness. While many of the NTMs have been designed to achieve legitimate goals such as protecting public health and the environment, they can impede trade via impaired competitiveness because they constrain the ability of firms to outsource key inputs, complicate day-to-day business and distract managerial attention. Firm surveys highlight private-sector demands for more transparency in the adoption and application of NTMs across countries. Furthermore, most studies on the impact of African and other regional initiatives have highlighted the negative dimensions of NTMs adopted by individual members to the various RTAs and which are significantly hampering any trade creating potential.

As such, the third international Conference on International Trade and Investment with the theme ’Non-tariff measures, the new frontier of trade policy?’’ aims at providing a forum not only to academics working on issues related to Africa and developing countries but also to policy makers from the region where they could discuss and deliberate on the impact that NTMS have on national trade and on regional initiatives progress and as such propose measures and remedial actions to try curb and mitigate their negative contribution, if any.

The 3rd UoM-WCP (ICITI2013) conference will also provide academics and policy makers with an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest thinking in international trade, investment, aid, regional integration, trade competitiveness, economic development and poverty.

The conference invites conceptual, empirical research presentations, and country context case studies along the conference theme and other trade related issues. Delegates are invited to present completed research projects and/or work in progress. Submissions and presentations must address both the theoretical and practical implications of the findings.

Parallel tracks of refereed presentations will enable authors to obtain constructive feedback on their study. Furthermore, following very positive feedback of the last year’s half day round table which regrouped academics, policy makers and Ministers from the region as part of the conference proceedings, we are pleased to announce that a similar event will also be held this year, content of which will revolve around the ICITI2013 conference theme. Finally, in addition to a high quality and enriching research experience, we will also provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Mauritius.


Submission of Full Paper:
June 15th, 2013

Early Bird Registration:
July 25th, 2013

Latest Registration:
August 10th, 2013


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