Recruitment, Selection and Admissions

1.1 The University has established policies and procedures for the recruitment, selection and admission of students.

1.2 The University recognises the diversity of background, experience and age of applicants to higher education and the different modes of study available. Its policies provide for equality of opportunity for all applicants within the selection criteria established for each Programme.

1.3 The Senate of the University through its Teaching & Research Committee (TRC) is responsible for

  • deciding the general guidelines for entry to the University;
  • approving the specific Programme requirements; and
  • reviewing recruitment, selection and admission practices and policies.

1.4 The Registrar through its Admissions and Student Records Office (ASRO), the Deans of Faculties, Directors/ Partner Institutions are responsible for ensuring that the selection and admissions policies and procedures are appropriate. If and when the Department is involved in the selection and admission exercise, the Head of Department will also be responsible to ensure that the selection and admissions policies are fairly and consistently applied.

1.5 The Faculties/ Centres/ Partner Institutions, ASRO are responsible for promoting awareness of the Programmes of Studies available.

1.6 The Registrar’s Office is responsible for liaising with Deans/ Directors/ Principals on admissions matters and for monitoring applications.