An overview of some developed/customised/procuredInformation Systems
For dedicated Staff – on-campus access only



Since 2013, the university has procured an Oracle ERP solution (University Integrated Information System (UIIS)) to ensure the effective integration of the core back office services of the university so as to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.User Manual & Access Forms >> UIIS Support Site (Intranet Access Only)
UoM web-based applications - 24/7 accessible systems
For Students


The system allows prospective students to get a list of eligible programmes of studies based on their SC/HSC results prior to fill-in their application forms.


Prospective students can use the system to apply for programmes (undergraduates/Taught postgraduate/ Research Degrees) at University of Mauritius online.


Prospective students can use the system to apply for programmes at UOM Trust online.


The system is used by UoM students to apply for UoM Needy Students’ Fund Scheme online.Support information available at:


Student Online System is the main portal from which students can register for Modules on Offer, view their provisional transcript, submit their feedback, access to available downloadable documents, register for the work based learning module(s), amongst others.


Online plagiarism detection software procured by the university for its students’ dissertations.Support information available at:

For Dedicated Staff


Oracle Self Service module allowing application of leaves online, verification of leave balance, verification/updating of personal details, etc.


The online repository for all available e-Resources (eBooks, journals, dissertations, etc.) that the Library of the University has on offer.


From the online system the authenticity of certificate of awards issued by UoM can be verified based on a unique certificate Number generated and appear at the bottom of every certificates processed and issued.


The system has been devised with a view to speed up the process of applications for verification of academic credentials lodged by students/ former students of the University of Mauritius or by foreign agencies or prospective employers and to provide a more efficient service to all concerned.


The Private Alumni Network for Alumni, Students & Faculties of UoM


Platform for applicants to register as Part-time Lecturers at the University


Platform for applicants to apply for vacancies for Full Time Academic Posts


Prospective students and UoM Students can use this site to pay for their application fees or other fees like Registration, Tuition, etc.

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