1 AMELOT Lydie Myriam Marcelle (Miss) Capital Structure and Risk in Emerging Markets - Evidence from SADC Countries Assoc Prof U Subadar Agathee

ANYANGA   Rodgers Musamali (Mr)

Impact of fintech on entrepreneurship in Kenya Dr.Bhavish Jugurnath

ASSOGBAVI Kossi Essèmou-Abalè (Mr)


Technological Innovation Management and the Challenges of the Development of Employees’ Employability in Mauritius:  the Mediating Effect of Career Anchors

Prof R P Gunputh (Main)

Dr E Bindah (Assoc)
4 BHOWONIAH Neekhil (Mr) Trade Facilitation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries Assoc Prof B Seetanah (Main)

Prof R P Gunputh (Associate)
5 BOODHRAM Anoopa (Mrs) Work engagement and generational diversity within the Mauritian tertiary education talent pool Dr P Gunesh
6 CHIROZWA Lucid (Mr)

The Re-Construction and Deconstruction of African International Relations Institutions.  The Case of the African Union Commission on International Law (AUCIL) of 2009

Dr D Michel

7 DEELJORE Rudranee Devi (Miss) Effectiveness of governance mechanisms in the banking industry in Mauritius Dr B Jugurnath
8 DEWOO  Siksha (Miss)

Corporate Climate Governance in Mauritius: A critical examination from a board-shareholder perspective

Dr R Mahadew (Co-Supervisor)

Dr O Adejonwo  (Co-Supervisor)

9 DOOKHAN  Bibi Humairaa (Miss)

The dynamic impact of external shocks on stock market returns in Mauritius and Africa

Dr S Fauzel (Main)

Dr J Matadeen (Co)

10 EMAMBUCUS Kawthar (Miss) Global and Regional Value Chains and Development in Africa Dr S Fauzel (Co)

Assoc Prof V Tandrayen-Ragoobur (Co)
11 GAYAN  Sooryakanti (Mrs)

Networking as small-state international relations: Mauritius as a case study

Prof J H Stanfield

Prof R P Gunputh
12 GOWRY Yuveshna (Miss) Assessing the usefulness of Accounting Information:  A Case Study of Public Interest Entities in Mauritius Assoc Prof U Subadar Agathee (Co)

Prof R V Sannassee (Co)

Dr T Soobaroyen (Co)  (External) (Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
13 GUNNOO Leenshya (Miss) Receptiveness towards Mobile Payments Systems:  A Study on Merchant and Consumer Adoption and Usage in Mauritius Assoc Prof U  Subadar Agathee (Main)

DrS B Fauzel (Assoc)

HUNMA Rajendra Patil (Mr)

Leadership Development in Mauritius: A Multi- method Study

Dr D P Sharma Bhawuk (Main)

Dr Indra Dussoye (Co-Supervisor)

15 IMAMBOCCUS Rookayyah (Miss) Impact of Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Volatility on the Tourism Demand Assoc Prof B Seetanah (Co)

Asssoc Prof R Nunkoo (Co)
16 IMBERT Vivian (Mr)

Assessing the Contribution of retailing as a transformative service to the well-being of customers

Dr V Teeroovengadum

Dr R Nunkoo

IPPILI  APPIAH  Dharmaraj (Mr)

The study of the Taxation system in Mauritius and how a taxation reform will enhance economic growth in the country compared with the OECD Countries

Dr D Michel

18 JARSO Kasim Kelil (Mr) (International)

Farmers’ Wheat product Market Linkages in Ethiopia: A Study on Bale Zone Smallholder farmers, Oromia Region

Assoc Prof R T D Juwaheer
19 JUNGBADOOR Keshav Panray

Development of a Sustainability-Driven TQM Model for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Dr Viraiyen Teeroovengadum

Jenny Lee
20 KAMAKELA Jonas Shafondino


Investigating the Use of Technologies and Analytics in Mitigating Supply Chain Risk: A Focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the Manufacturing Industry

Dr D K Hurreeram (Main)

Dr D S Callychurn
21 KASI Kounshika Devi (Miss)

Implact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Export: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries

Prof B Seetanah (Main)

Dr Z R Khan Jaffur (Associate)


KEENOO Ravi Kumar (Mr)

Exploring the relationship between work-life integration and organizational commitment  of women conservation  leaders  in the  Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Co-Supervisor)

Dr A K Seebaluck (Co-Supervisor)

23 KHEERDALI Zakiyyah Ummé-Ayman (Miss) An Assessment of Accounting, Accountability and Reporting Reforms in Local Government Authorities: Evidence from Mauritius Assoc Prof U Subadhar Agathee (Co)

Prof T Soobaroyen (Co) (External)
(Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  

Dr D Ramdhony (Assoc)
24 KUREEMUN Hanna (Miss) Les enjeux contemporains de la domanialité publique maritime dans les petits Etats de l'océan Indien: étude comparative des droits mauricien et seychellois à l'aune du droit français Prof O Desaulnay  (Main)

Prof R P Gunputh (Assoc)

Dr O Dupere (Assoc)
25 KUTOWAROO Ashveen (Mr)

A study of the impact of blockchain on: managers of the financial services sector; enterprise operations and facilitation of international

Dr B Jugurnath (Main)

Assoc Prof S Baichoo (Assoc Prof)

26 LI LUEN CHING Yannick Noël (Mr) Understanding intergenerational knowledge sharing in the public sector of Mauritius Assoc Prof R Nunkoo (Main)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Associate)
27 MAMOOJEE-KHATIB  Hafeeza Said Ahmad (Mrs)

Development of a strategic roadmap for Lean in Mauritius Organisations using a Design Science Research Padigm

Dr V Teeroovengadun

Prof J Antony
28 MASUNDA  Takura Courage  (Mr)

Testing the applicability of the Capital Asset Pricing model in southern Africa capital  markets

Dr Bhavish Jugurnath (Main)



Analysing the legal framework for electronic commerce from a consumer-oriented perspective: A Mauritian case study

Prof R P Gunputh (Co-Supervisor)

30 POOLOO Azmad Shah Arshad (Mr)

Testing a Model of Travelers Behaviour Intention:  The influence of Reviews, Trust and Emotions (an eye tracking approach based on stimulus response theory)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Co)

Assoc Prof R Nunkoo (Co)
31 RAJIAH Tosina Devi (Miss)

Analysing the advancement of FinTech in the financial services industry in aiding financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr B Jugurnath
32 RAMATALLY  Mohammad Nadeem (Mr)

Revisiting the Implact of Corruption on FDI Inflows and Outflows in Africa

Dr N Sookia

Prof B Seetanah

S Fauzel

33 RAMDHANY Narvada (Mrs) The Determinants of Land Prices in Mauritius: Fundamental    Economic and Psychological Factors. Assoc Prof B Seetanah (Co)

Asssoc Prof R Nunkoo (Co)

Prof Imad A Moosa (External)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Associate)
34 RAMYEAD Pooja (Miss) Employees' Well-being in the Offshore Sector of Mauritius

Dr T D Juwaheer (Main)

Dr R Sannegadu (Assoc)

35 SEESUNKUR Preety (Miss)

Analyzing the Impact of the Social Media on Residents' Attitudes toward Tourism Development.  A Study Based in Mauritius Context

Dr R Nunkoo (Co)

Dr V Teeroovengadum

SOOKNA  Tina (Mrs)

A critical analysis of the right to health, protection from discrimination and right to privacy and an investigation of discrimination against patients who have recovered from Covid-19: The Case of Mauritius

Prof R P Gunputh (Main Supervisor)

Dr A Beebeejaun (Assoc Supervisor)


SUGGUN Dosheela (Miss)

Human Right to develop in the Mauritian Legal System: A Critical Post COVID-19 Pandemic Measure

Dr R Mahadew (Co-Suprevisor)

Dr Caron Chi Ngang (Co-Supervisor)


SUKHOO  Kaushiki Chandika (Miss)

Medical Negligence in Mauritius: A Critical Analysis of the Legal Framework and the Determining Factors

Prof R P Gunputh (Main)

Dr A Beebeejaun (Assoc)


SURROOH  Bibi Noorya (Miss)

The Domestication of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights for a more effective protection of Socio-Economic Rights in Mauritius

Dr R Mahadew (Co-Supervisor)

Prof E Durojaye

40 TEELUCKDHARRY Noorjahan Banon (Mrs) Integrating Technical quality for measuring service quality in Fitness Centers and application of QFD for continuous improvement initiatives Dr A K Seebaluck (Main)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Assoc)
 41 VENCATAYA Lomendra

Developing an integrative model of ISO effectiveness for ISO9001:2015 certified firms in Mauritius: An analysis of its antecedents and outcomes

Dr A Seebaluck (Co-Supervisor)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Co- Supervisor)
42 YEUNG PAT WAN Annick Yan Lyn (Miss) Developing and testing a model of mature workers' attitudes and intentions to engage in bridge employment Assoc Prof R Nunkoo (Main)

Dr V Teeroovengadum (Associate)
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