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Message from the Head

Dear Prospective Students,

Being the Head of Department, I have the immense pleasure to welcome and present to you the Department of Finance and Accounting (DFA), Faculty of Law and Management. DFA offers a range of programmes in the fields of Finance and Accounting which are innovative and forward looking. For the forthcoming Academic Year 2020-2021, DFA is offering 9 undergraduate programmes, including 4 Full Time and 1 Part Time programmes in Accounting and 4 Full Time programmes in Finance, and 2 Postgraduate programmes in Finance and Financial Services.

All our programmes are designed not only to foster the skills and capabilities of the students but at the same time to prepare them to face the challenges and exigencies of the job market with confidence and serenity. The regular and continuous revamping of our programmes ensures that students are exposed to new challenges and developments occurring the field of Finance and Accounting such as Fintech and Blockchain. The practical training offered in our programmes shows our commitment to secure a better future for our students. Even our international partners such as ACCA, ICAEW and more recently CIMA have accredited our programmes, particularly Accounting, due to their relevance to the industry. These are the reasons why the DFA programmes are witnessing increasing student demand year and again.

DFA currently has 18 Full time Academic supported by a pool of part time resource persons from various sectors in the industry. Our Academic staff are motivated and determined to ensure that students are given the necessary assistance to better perform in their studies. As the Head of Department, I am always giving my best to safeguard the interest of students by providing an environment conducive to progress and good performance. I am confident that you will enjoy your stay at the University.

Wish you all, the best and looking forward to see you on campus!



Head of Department,
Department of Finance and Accounting