Structure of Faculty



The Faculty of Agriculture consists of around 100 members of staff, administrative staff, farm & campus grounds unit staff, academics and technical staff grouped into two departments, namely Agricultural Production & Systems and Agricultural & Food Science.

Agriculture being a multidisciplinary field, the Faculty has expertise in a wide range of agricultural and related areas including plant, soil, animal and food sciences, plant and animal production, agricultural biotechnology, extension and agricultural management.


The Faculty has well equipped analytical laboratories certified by the Board of Agricultural Chemists of the Republic of Mauritius, for teaching and research. It also has a fully equipped computer laboratory. All computers are connected to the University network and to the Internet giving access to electronic mail and the World Wide Web. The Faculty also has a 21-acre farm, including a nursery, a greenhouse, a crop museum, plant and animal laboratories, and an animal production unit, for hands-on practical training and for student and staff research. The Farm provides various support services including the maintenance of the campus grounds.