General Information

The Faculty of Agriculture, originally founded as the School of Agriculture in 1914, plays a vital role in providing trained human resources for the public and private sectors in Mauritius as well as in the region for the development of agriculture and related fields. It is a continuing challenge to produce high calibre graduates to meet the changing needs of the agricultural sector for this millennium. The standard and quality of our degrees are maintained to an internationally accepted level by a system of moderation by external examiners from the University of Reading, United Kingdom and elsewhere.


Mission Statement

"Training human resources and fostering intellectual development & research in the agricultural and food sectors"

The Mission of the Faculty is to provide training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in all areas of agriculture, horticulture including forestry, food science and biotechnology, through quality teaching, research and consultancy services consistent with national agricultural goals and policies.



  • Initiate, expand, diversify and upgrade training and research in priority areas of agriculture and food science so as to respond to the career aspirations of potential students and the requirements of the job market.
  • Carry out research and outreach in the exploration and modernisation of agriculture and agriculture-related markets.
  • Enhance links with industries and overseas institutions for teaching, research, consultancy and outreach activities.
  • Provide postgraduate training and research programmes for the professional development of graduates.
  • Provide in-service training to staff of institutions in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.
  • Develop and offer specialised short training programmes in line with the evolution in agricultural and food sectors