Module Specification Sheet (2017/2018)

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 AGRI 1034 - Animal Production - Principles and Techniques pdf icon
 Agri 1095 - Animal Science and Production pdf icon
 AGRI 1135 - Agricultural and Food Economics and Management pdf icon
 AGRI 1056 - Data Handling and Research Methodology pdf icon
 AGRI 2092 - Animal Production and Science I pdf icon
 AGRI 2113 - Food Economics and Marketing pdf icon
 AGRI 2112 - Experimental Designs and Sampling Techniques pdf icon
 AGRI 2111 - Statistical Methods for Agricultural Sciences pdf icon
AGRI 3003 - Animal Science and Production II (Under Review) pdf icon
AGRI 6078 - Research Methodology pdf icon

AGRI 1073: Botany and Plant Physiology

pdf icon
 AGRI 1096: Agronomy and Sustainable Horticulture pdf icon
 AGRI 1035: Agronomy and Horticultural Crop Production pdf icon

 AGRI 3026 : Crop Production Technologies

pdf icon
 AGRI 2156: Agricultural Engineering Principles pdf icon
 AGRI 3086: Entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Agribusiness pdf icon
 AGRI 3132: Agrifood Value Chain Analysis pdf icon
 AGRI 2173: Economics, Marketing, Management and Extension in Biofarming pdf icon