The Department of Agricultural Production and Systems (APS) is a group of 8 Academics actively involved in teaching, research and consultancies. The APS department services the following academic areas: Crop Science and Production, Animal Science and Production, Agribusiness Management and Agri-food Value Chain Development, Statistics and Biometry, IT and Scientific Communication in Agriculture, and Agricultural Engineering. The academic staff is supported by 1 Senior Laboratory Officer, 3 Laboratory Officers and 2 Technical Assistants/Senior Technical Assistants. The APS Department works closely with Academic Staff from the other Department of the Faculty (Agricultural and Food Science; AFS Department), to mount and service our modules.

To respond to an increasingly knowledge-based society, the Department encourages students to develop lifelong learning skills and to be successful in their future career. We offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to support the sustainable socio-economic and environmental development of the Republic of Mauritius. Our latest innovative programmes have been in the area of Agribusiness Management, Crop Technology and Landscape Management, Animal Production and Health. Our relations with key stakeholders in the world of work have been strengthened, with the successful implementation of the 6-month work placement and an increasing number of industry-led undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. Over the past years, the Department has hosted scholars and students from overseas universities, from the United States and the African region. Our students, academics and staff have gained professional and cultural experience in the context of mobility and internationalisation.

Our staff are actively involved in regional activities, namely the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), and the African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE). The Department is playing a key role in the TUNING Africa Project, a joint Africa-EU strategy. TUNING-Africa is a collaborative process, involving academics working with potential employers and other stakeholders, in curriculum development to enhance student competences - generic and soft skills, expected of graduates in Agriculture.

The Department aims at developing a regional Masters programme in Agribusiness and Value-Chain Management, for the Academic Year 2018-2019. The MSc programme will set a high-level agenda for the Department. We aim at enhancing the quality of our Teaching and Research by (i) harmonising our curriculum with key universities in the region (ii) strengthening effective partnerships with the world of work (iii) developing entrepreneurial graduates and, (iv) enhancing the skills and competences of our students and staff through mobility and internationalisation.