Head of Department

 HoDSIS2 Dr Gobin-Rahimbux Baby Ashwin

Department of Software and Information Systems
University of Mauritius

Phone Ext: 7893

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Welcome Message

The Software and Information Systems Department welcomes you!

If you are passionate about Business Systems, Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Systems and related topics, you have come to the right place. The Department of Software and Information Systems offers undergraduate (BSc.) in Software Engineering, Information Systems and graduate courses (MSc.) in Software Project Management. The department also uniquely offers a graduate (MSc.) conversion course for those of you who have completed undergraduate studies in another discipline such as Engineering, Science or Mathematics and who would like to upgrade their IT skills at a Masters level.

Our department has highly motivated and dynamic staff to make your experience at the university exceptional. We provide high quality teaching and support to our students, ensuring that they are able to maximise their potential, think outside the box and achieve great results. If you are dreaming of a fulfilling career in technology, we want to help you to achieve that dream.
Apart from teaching, the SIS department is also involved in research and our staff's research interests are broad, ranging from software engineering principles, intelligent systems, data and information science, information systems and smart technologies for sustainable development. Overall, we are enthusiastic to see our research applied to real life contexts in order to bring change, not only in our immediate environment or even in Mauritius, but also in Africa and other Small Islands Developing States.

As a department, we are proud of our achievements and we hope you are excited to find out more. We are looking forward to hearing from you, to meet you and for you to eventually join our department. If you have any queries, follow this link to get in touch with us.