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roboticsLab launching

The Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies (FoICDT) Robotics Lab was launched on Friday 05th February 2021. This initiative falls under the constant drive of UoM to lead the way in innovation, research, and development. Funded under the RFS-H: Faculty Flagship Innovative Project scheme established at the University of Mauritius, the Robotics Lab at FoICDT targets both researchers and students. The goal is to generate solutions to pressing problems of national interest with focus on the use of robotics technologies.

Groups of students across all three departments of the Faculty, namely Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Department of Digital Technologies, and Department of Software and Information Systems, showcased their projects on that day and were awarded a certificate of participation.

roboticsLab launching 2

roboticsLab launching 3

Details of the projects showcased are given below:

  1. Smart Navigation System Using Obstacle Avoidance Detection (Department of Information and Communication Technologies)

A system to help blind people navigate in their everyday life or during night time when visibility is very low. Ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles in three directions (front and sides) with an alarm triggered whenever an obstacle is detected on the path.

  1. Automatic Seeding Machine (Department of Digital Technologies)

The system consists of a rover car and a robotic arm. The rover enables mobility while the seeding is undertaken by the arm. The tasks can be managed remotely via the Internet through a dedicated web-based application. This project won the first prize in the UoM Hackathon 2020 competition.


  1. Infrared Guided Robot with Collision Avoidance (Department of Software and Information Systems)

The 4WD Robot is capable of: (1) task completion, wireless communication and environment adaptation, (2) path finding and guidance to destination, (3) obstacle avoidance preventing collision and automatic resume, and (4) path solving in a short amount of time. Some applications are: (1) line guidance systems such as factory robots, and (2) collision avoidance systems in any moving vehicle such as autonomous cars.

  1. IoT Based Temperature Monitoring and Mask Detection System (Department of Software and Information Systems)

This system is built to increase efficiency by replacing the use of manual temperature screening and face mask detection which is mandatory for entry to be granted in University buildings. A first step taken for a secure environment for students.

The aim is to merge AI and IoT, thus came up with a project of monitoring human body temperature and mask detection to alter the use of manual temperature screening. The IoT based temperature monitoring and mask detection system will consist of a temperature sensor which will capture human body temperature and a USB webcam for mask identification. Data will then be recorded via an Arduino microcontroller.


The FoICDT Robotics Committee members are:

  • Prof. (Dr) Kavi Kumar Khedo
  • Dr Mohammad Yasser Chuttur
  • Mrs Armoogum Sheeba
  • Dr Pudaruth Sameerchand
  • Dr Sungkur R. Kevin
  • Mr Chiniah Aatish
  • Dr Roushdat Elaheebocus
  • Mr Leung Kam Tsang Leong Chei Fee