Department of English Studies

Head of Department


Dr. Tejshree Auckle


Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities
University of Mauritius

Phone Ext:7952

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Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students,

First of all, welcome to the Department of English Studies. Committed to the symbiotic relationship between teaching and research, the aim of the department is to provide you with cutting edge information in the fields of literature, linguistics and cultural studies.

Over the course of your degree, you will be taught by a strong and dynamic team of academics who will help you to acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of text, contexts and theories and will contribute to the nurturing of your independent and critical reading and writing skills. You will also be encouraged to develop excellent communication and research skills.

Currently, the Department of English Studies offers a full time BA (Hons)/ MA in English Studies as well as a part time MA English Studies programme. Our students acquire a range of valuable skills which they can transfer to different employment situations. Their literary, linguistic and cultural studies training can be used in journalism, advertising, teaching and the highly competitive fields of writing, editing and publishing.

I wish you all the very best in your studies and hope that you will spend a productive and fruitful time at the University of Mauritius.

Dr. Tejshree Auckle