COVID - 19 : Communiqué from the UoM

UoM Covid-19 Workplace Preparedness Plan 
(Restricted to UoM Staff and Students)

The University of Mauritius has committed itself to continuous improvement and quality management as indicated in its strategic objectives as follows:

  • Ensuring Relevance - interact proactively with the world of work and the community to cater for emergent requirements while inculcating a wider sense of belonging to the University
  • Ensuring Quality of Teaching and Learning - enhance existing provisions for continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning, and work progressively towards the implementation of best practice.
  • Strengthen Research - develop further the University’s research capacity and research management plan.
  • Internationalise the University - Improve the International standing of the University and expand its role and programme of activities.

These strategic objectives are reflected to a large extent in the following specific approaches to quality management that are currently being adopted:

  • The gradual integration of quality improvement processes throughout the University.
  • The enhancement of the University of Mauritius quality system.
  • Specific approaches to quality assurance of core activities, with initial focus on Teaching and Learning.
  • Improvement of the University’s overall management practices.
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