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In view of the increasing importance of quality in Higher Education and the important role assigned to Quality Assurance and Enhancement in the University Strategic Plan (1999-2004) towards achieving the University's mission, a Quality Assurance Office falling under the aegis of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Curriculum Development, Distance Education, Quality Assurance and International Affairs) was set up in October 2002.

The Quality Assurance Office is headed by the Director, Dr (Ms) F. Khodabocus. The Director is supported by an Administrative Officer, Mrs N D Seewoogobin, an Executive Assistant, Ms M. Auckbarally, a Clerk, Mrs K. Narajee and a Confidential Secretary, Mrs H Teeluckdharry. Given the increased pressure to provide high quality education to both local and international students and in order to allow the University to compete internationally the Strategic Directions 2015-2020, highlighted further the need to promote quality culture and good governance at the University. In order to work in line with the objectives set out in the aforementioned Strategic Directions, the Quality Assurance Office now falls under the aegis of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia).

The Office is presently situated on the 6th floor of Academic Complex Tower Block, University of Mauritius.

The main duties of the Director, Quality Assurance are to:

• provide leadership for Quality Assurance and Good Practice at the University;
• lead the development and oversee the implementation of University-wide basis policy in Quality Assurance;
• lead, co-ordinate and support Quality Assurance and Enhancement Management System across the University;
• contribute to the identification, development and promotion of the University's aims and objectives in the Strategic Directions; and
• contribute to the formulation of the University's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policies and Practices and to their implementation and monitoring across the University and, where appropriate, in collaborative partner institutions.

Contact: Director, Quality Assurance – Dr (Ms) F. Khodabocus
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (230) 403 7475
Fax: (230) 454 9642



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