The Pole of Research Excellence “Applied Socio-Economic Research and Analysis (ASERA)” undertakes policy-driven, quantitative and qualitative research in the fields of Economics and Social Sciences.

The pole seeks to improve social and economic welfare by informing decision making in the public and private sectors with evidence-based policies and impact evaluations using both quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Our in-depth research and analysis deepens the understanding of human behaviour in a wide range of economic and social contexts

Objectives of ASERA

  1. Produce evidence-based policies and impact evaluations which are more effective than uninformed strategies
  2. Engage in collaborative research and partner with private sector, civil society, Ministries, Universities abroad on interdisciplinary research projects
  3. Expand current research network and develop close links with prominent regional and international universities and research institutions
  4. Conduct short tailor made courses for representatives of the civil society, public and private sectors
  5. Raise the visibility and policy salience on local economic and social problems via policy briefs, non-technical papers for a better understanding by the community at large
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