Department of Management

Tourism development, management, and marketing; Social marketing; Green marketing; Entrepreneurship and education; Human resource management; Social and economic impact of gambling; Driving behavior; Knowledge-based economy; 24/7 economy; Quality management in higher education; National HRD; Human capital development; Traffic and land management issues, Corporate Governance and CSR.

Department of Law

Media law; IPR; Cyber crime; The media and the right to privacy; The Electoral and Government system of Mauritius; Corporate governance and the fight against corruption; The legal regulatory framework of the financial sector (how to prevent Ponzi schemes etc); The Constitution of Mauritius as the supreme law of the country, youth crime, victimology, Psychology and crime, Causes of crime.

Department of Accounting and Finance

Taxation; Financial literacy; Forensic Accounting, Information quality and IFRS, Regional integration; Capital Structure, Economic Development, Financial Markets, Real Estates, Public investment, Islamic Banking, SME and inclusive Growth, FDI, Exchange Rates and International Finance, NTMs, Central Bank Independence, Corporate Governance, Trade and Exports, Trade in Services, household indebtedness, Savings and Demography, Income, Inequality and Poverty