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SH548 Master of Business Economics 2 Yrs Part-time PDF  
SH540 MA Economics (Collaborative Programme)# 2 Yrs Part-time PDF  
SH507 MA Public Policy and Administration* 2 Yrs Part-time PDF PDF
SH506 MSc Financial Economics* 2 Yrs Part-time PDF  PDF
SH544 MSc Applied Statistics with Specialisation in Actuarial Science 2 Yrs Part-Time PDF  
SH533P MA English Studies 2 Yrs Part-Time PDF  
SH511 MA French (Specialisation: Language Studies) 2 Yrs Part-Time PDF  
SH510 MA French (Specialisation: Literature 2 Yrs Part-Time PDF  
SH531 MA Historical Studies (by Research) 1½ Yrs Full-Time PDF  
SH531P 2 Yrs Part-Time PDF  


* These Programmes are under review

#  This is a high-calibre, 2-year extended Masters programme in Economics offered by the University of Mauritius in close collaboration with the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC – website:, a public, non-profit making organisation devoted to advanced economic research and training, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Students will spend their first year at the University of Mauritius, where they will take 3 core modules and sit for the examinations (around May 2019). On successful completion of the core modules, students will travel to Nairobi late June 2019 to take 2 elective modules over one semester at the Joint Facility for Electives (JFE), Nairobi. Finally, they will return to the University of Mauritius to prepare their MA thesis during the 4th semester.

Please note that due to limited budget, AERC will be able to fund only ten (10) year 2 students to complete the joint facility electives in Nairobi. The ten students (including foreign students) will be selected on the following criteria:
(i) They have passed all the CORE modules in year 1 at the University of Mauritius;
(ii) Based on their performance in the first year here the CPA will be used as an indicator.

Non sponsored students (including foreigners) will have to self-finance their travel expenses to Nairobi and accommodation costs.