Overview of Department

One of the most important concepts in physics is that, behind the apparent diversity of phenomena around us, nature has an underlying unity which can be expressed in terms of a few all-embracing fundamental principles and laws. As well as being concerned with such fundamental questions, physics is a widely applicable subject and forms the basis of much of modern and, more importantly, future technologies.

The Department of Physics at the University of Mauritius is committed to world-class teaching, research and mentoring. Our programmes have been developed to provide a solid grounding in physics as a fundamental discipline while offering a secure foundation to a wide range of careers. To enhance accessibility to the various existing and probable future career opportunities, besides modules in core areas of physics, we also offer a variety of electives in applied and theoretical areas of physics as well as in some optional scientific disciplines. Overall, our programme combines the study of a fundamental discipline with the opportunity to develop skills in experimental and theoretical methods of problem solving.

We teach Physics in an understandable and rigorous style through small group tutorials, problem classes, lectures, laboratory and computing assignments, teamwork, and one-to-one teaching in our research and teaching laboratories.













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