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Name Modules Taught
Associate Professor A M AULEEAR OWODALLY ENG1006Y(1):  Introduction to English Language Study (Semesters 1)
  ENG2019Y(3):  Language in Context: Academic Writing (Semester 1)
  ENG3008Y(5):  English Language Teaching: Theory and Practice  (Semesters 1 & 2)
  ENG3102(5):  Contact Languages in Context  (Semester 1)


ENG2013Y(3):  Special Topic in Applied Linguistics (Semester 2)


Dr T AUCKLE ENG1005Y(1):  Topics in English Language and Linguistics (Semester 1)
  ENG1006Y(1):  Introduction to English Language Study (Semester 2)
  ENG2024Y(3):  Theorising the Public Sphere:  Approaches to the Study of the Media (Semester 1)
  ENG2025Y(3):  Key Themes in Linguistics (Semester 2)
  ENG3017Y(5):  Linguistic Variation and Change:  Current Trends in Sociolinguistic Theory  (Semesters 1 & 2)


  • ACADEMIC WRITING:   Guidelines for Coursework in Linguistics

Coursework type

Assignment pdf
Presentation - General pdf
Presentation - Involving fieldwork pdf
Research Project pdf
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