Overview of Department


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Overview of Department

The Department of Social Studies forms part of the Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities. It comprises 16 full-time academic members under several units which all operate in a multidisciplinary perspective within the social sciences arena.

Members are actively engaged in various spheres of academic life, ranging from teaching and administrative duties to research and consultancy.

They are also involved in the life of civil society at large through participation in national committees, public debates, media relations, organization of conferences and workshops, etc.

Our Vision

To become an internationally reputed social sciences department with excellent standards in teaching, training, research and community service.

Mission Statement

To prepare professionals and generalists in pure and applied social sciences with appropriate knowledge, perspectives and capabilities to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

  • Strengthen and expand learning opportunities and facilities in social sciences at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.
  • Foster a research-oriented culture in social sciences with special emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Take lead in promoting debate on emerging social issues and needs.
  • Develop partnership with larger community to integrate professional education and community service.
Thematic research

The following is a list of inderdisciplinary themes which are of special interest to academics within the Department of Social Studies.

- ICT, New Media and Lifestyle
- Social and Political Discourses and Reception
- Gender issues and feminism
- Gerontology and Ageing Society
- Psychosocial perspectives on Health
- Sustainable development and environment
- Identity and Culture (Ethnicity, Nationalism,.)
- Work Dynamics and Context
- Child and Youth issues
- Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Development
- Social deviance and crime
- The Family in a changing society

The Units

There are 4 distinct Units, namely:

The department also services various modules to other departments and faculties of the University, either through the face-to-face mode or distance education mode of delivery.

Examples of modules taught under the distance education mode include inter alia:

  • Understanding Society
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Communication Skills
  • Methodology of Social Research
  • Sociology of the Family

Postgraduate Studies:

The department currently offers the following programmes at postgraduate level:

  • MSc Social development
  • MPhil/Phd by research






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