The mission of this Unit is to promote analytical skills and knowledge in the study of human behaviour, social institutions, social problems and social change

It provides opportunities to students to acquire knowledge, skills and competence in:

  • different methodologies for the study of society
  • an interdisciplinary approach
  • methods of social enquiry
  • latest developments regarding social issues

There are 6 full-time academic members in the Sociology Unit:

  • Dr Ramolah Ramtohul
  • Mr Rajen Suntoo
  • Mr Nicolas Ragoodoo
  • Mr Ibrahim Koodoruth
  • Ms Deepa Gokulsing

Students prospects cover a wide range of professional activities amongst as follows:

  • teaching
  • social research
  • media, journalism
  • social analysis
  • social work
  • research for postgraduate studies (e.g. business management, social research, human resource management, etc.)






Department of Economics & Statistics

Department of English Studies

Department of French Studies

Department of History and Political Science

Department of Social Studies