Communication Studies Unit


The mission of the Unit is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the media and communication sphere so as to understand how it integrates within the social, economic, political and cultural landscape. It provides opportunities to students to acquire knowledge, skills and competence in:

  • culture, media and globalisation
  • media law and its derivatives, journalism and reporting skills
  • new information and communication techniques
  • research methods in media and communication

There are 5 full-time academic members in the Communication Studies Unit:

  • Assoc Prof Mayila Paroomal
  • Dr Roukaya Kasenally
  • Mr Azhagan Chenganna
  • Mrs Christina Chan-Meetoo
  • Ms Gundeea Narrainen

A pool of professional practitioners is also actively involved in the servicing of modules at all levels of the degree course.


The Unit is responsible for development and delivery of the following programmes in the media/communication studies field:

  • Dip/BSc (Hons) Communication Studies with specialisation in Business Communication
  • Dip/BSc (Hons) Communication Studies with specialisation in Journalism
  • Dip/BSc (Hons) Journalism (Minor: Economics/Politics/Digital Media)

It also services various communication/media modules for other programmes on campus (e.g. Communication Skills, Effective Communication, Intercultural Communication, Communication and Networking).


Our graduates’ prospects cover a range of professional activities such as:

  • public and press relations
  • organisational and corporate communication
  • marketing communication and advertising
  • broadcast and print journalism

They can find jobs both in private firms and public institutions or in communication agencies and the media (written press, radio, television, electronic media). The academic programme which comprises both theoretical and practical subjects incorporates also various practical projects and substantial research work for dissertation. It also provides for interesting opportunities to enter the professional world through two work placements of 4 and 6 weeks duration respectively.

Work placements

Our students have completed their work placements in diverse organisations such as:

  • advertising and communication agencies (e.g. P&P Link, Imagine Communication, Immedia, etc.)
  • public institutions (e.g. Ministries, NPCC, etc.)
  • private firms (e.g. Rogers, IBL, FAIL, Air Mauritius, Mauritius Telecom, etc.)
  • local and overseas media networks (e.g. L’Express, MBC, MCA, RFO, etc.)

The interdisciplinary nature of the programme allows students to have their first experience of social research in a variety of areas and approaches in relation to their specialisation (business communication or journalism). Past students have thus conducted interesting studies on topics such as:

  • Corporate PR
  • PR and the govt sector
  • Radio stations and politics
  • Consumption of television
  • New media
  • Advertising and ethnicity

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