Our Goals - Quality Education for All

The University of Mauritius is committed to the continued enhancement of its strategic objectives. Our revised Quality Management System (QMS) caters for Learner-Centred Credit System (LCCS) which is equivalent to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the Teaching Standards Framework (TSF). It helps students to develop more of their critical thinking and analytical minds and be better equipped to tackle the various challenges in the world of work. This amended QMS also takes on board recommendations of the external reviews (2005, 2012 & 2018) to drive reflections and change at academic and students levels. The new goals of Quality Assurance at the UoM aligns with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Its objectives are to promote access, equity and inclusiveness and are categorised under the three following three broad themes:

1. Quality Management System

  • to conceptualise the institution Quality Management System in view of focussing on the provision of good quality teaching and learning, research and community engagement;
  • to be more student-centred through the enhanced implementation of the LCCS and TSF; and
  • to streamline and improve the quality processes/mechanisms of the Institution and its Partner Institutions by clarifying the accountabilities of these institutions towards the University which is the awarding body.

2. Curriculum Development and Student Experience

  • to develop and implement a regular cycle of programme reviews after interacting proactively with the industry and the community to cater for emergent requirements of the labour market;
  • to consider aligning “faculty-based” student experience specificities to a university-wide model for managing student success. Concurrently, quality assurance at the university will cover a more comprehensive range of university core areas, including the student experience and support; and
  • to promote students’ critical thinking skills as well as their creativity leading towards innovative mindset.

3. Teaching and Learning

  • to consolidate teaching and learning through enhancement of existing provisions and mechanisms, and work progressively towards best practice sharing;
  • to monitor implementation of the Teaching Standards Framework (TSF);
  • to align the teaching and learning methods with the use of blended and online learning, including the provision of more comprehensive information to learners;
  • to ensure that there is an equivalent learning experience across faculties for all of its students; and
  • to ensure effective quality assurance standards and teaching at all its affiliated teaching institutions.