Monitoring of Collaborative Programme of Studies

  1. The University of Mauritius, as the awarding institution, is responsible for the quality and academic standard of all awards granted in its name. The academic standards of all awards made under a collaborative provision should be comparable to awards for Programmes of Studies delivered solely by the University of Mauritius.

  2. Collaborative arrangements must be underpinned by the support and commitment of the Council of the University of Mauritius and of the governing body of the Partner Institution.

  3. Collaborative arrangements must be the subject of a contract or Memorandum of Agreement which clearly and explicitly defines the respective responsibilities of the University of Mauritius and the Partner Institution.

  4. The University of Mauritius will validate any Programme of Studies before it is offered in a recognised Partner Institution.

  5. The University of Mauritius will retain direct responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the quality of any collaborative Programme of Studies; all quality assurance procedures and processes, which apply to Programme(s) of Studies delivered by the University of Mauritius should also apply to Programmes of Studies delivered by Partner Institution(s), unless stated otherwise in the contract or Memorandum of Agreement.

  6. The following mechanisms have been put in place to ensure the proper monitoring of the quality of collaborative Programme of Studies