Academic Staff

Research themes/interests

Dr A K Ragen

Wastewater engineering; Environmental engineering and management; Environmental impact assessment

Dr V Seebaluck

Energy/Renewable Energy/Bio-energy; Sugarcane industry (sugar, electricity, ethanol production systems); Energy and sustainable development; Energy-Environment-Economy-Development

Dr D Surroop

Waste management; Waste-to-Energy; Climate change; Energy engineering and management; Energy and waste auditing; Renewable energy technologies

Dr. (Mrs.) P Jeetah

Bioprocess engineering, biomass to biofuel, Composting; Anaerobic digestion processes; Renewable energy.

Dr G D Somaroo

Chemical engineering, chemical safety, chemical weapons, life cycle analysis of environmental and energy processes; Degradability/biodegradability of solid wastes; Composting; Anaerobic digestion processes.

Dr. (Mrs) V Dookhun

Environmental risk assessment; Persistent toxic chemicals; Environmental management; Energy policy; Process design simulation; Quality management

Dr. A Mudhoo

Bioremediation of organic wastes; Wastewaters and pollutants by aerobic and anaerobic processes; Green chemistry (Ultrasound- & Microwave-assisted processes); Adsorption; Mathematical analysis and modeling



Research Projects

  • MRC-CRIGS A17: "Abatement of pollution from oil refinery effluents using reed beds". Company: MOROIL (Mr Ravish Musruck - Project Leader) & UoM Research Collaborator (Dr A K Ragen). Starting date: September 2017 - (ongoing for 18 months). Project value: MUR 3,000,000.

  • KuWert Project - "Vessel-based treatment of plastics for the implementation of value chains in less developed countries and to avoid plastic input in the environment, particularly marine ecosystems”. Project externally funded under the BMBF (Germany) program. Project leader : Technolog Services GMbh. University partners: University of Sierra Leone and UoM. UoM team: Dr A K Ragen (PI) and Dr G Somaroo (I). Project value devoted for UoM: Euro 20,000.

  • Effective use of coconut oil, shell and husk. Principal Investigator: Mauritius Research Council Funded Project. Dr Y. Surnam; Investigators: Dr G. Somaroo. 2015 to date. Expected completion date: November 2017.

  • Re-Sources: Plateforme pour la promotion de la valorisation matiere et energie a partir des dechets solides. Principal Investigator: Dr G. Somaroo; Investigators: Dr P. Jeetah., A. Mudhoo, Dr O Gukhool. November 2013 to date. Expected completion date: November 2017.

  • Sustainable Waste Management Practices at Petit Verger Prison. Green Waste Composting Facility. Technical Report. Principal Investigator: Dr G Somaroo. 2014. Completed.

  • Developing community-based projects via e-learning; and promoting the Ocean Economy, Science and Technology to improve the livelihoods of women in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Funded by University of Mauritius. June 2017 to date. Principal Investigator: Dr G. Somaroo; Investigators: Associate Professor S Rosunee, Dr P Jeetah, Mrs S Ramsamy-Iranah, Mr G Bahadur and Mr N. Nazurally.

  • Use of biogas as an alternative to LPG at the cafeteria of the University of Mauritius. Faculty Research Project. Funded by University of Mauritius. December 2013 to June 2014. Principal Investigator: Dr G. Somaroo; Investigator: Associate Professor (Dr) S. Venkannah.


Technical Research Reports

 GEF SGP UNDP Country Programme Strategy (CPS) Development. Technical Report. Principal Investigator: Dr G Somaroo, co-investigator: Mr I Koodoruth. 2015. Completed.


Research Journal Articles

Mudhoo, A., Ramasamy, D.L., Bhatnagar, A., Usman, M. and Sillanpää, M., 2020. An analysis of the versatility and effectiveness of composts for sequestering heavy metal ions, dyes and xenobiotics from soils and aqueous milieus. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 197, p.110587.

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Bansal, M., Mudhoo, A., Garg, V.K. & Singh, D., 2016. Sequestration of copper (II) from simulated wastewater using pre–treated rice husk waste biomass. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 15(8), 1689-1703. (IF:1.008)

Chukowry, P.K., Mudhoo, A. & Santchurn, S.J., 2017. Bacillus algicola decolourises more than 95% of some textile azo dyes. Environmental Chemistry Letters, 15(3), 531-536. (IF:3.594)

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Soobhany, N., Mohee, R., & Somaroo, G. D. (2014). Process parameters analysis for the vermicomposting of shredded paper using Pheretimoid Spp. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 14(1), 99-116.

Conference Papers

Jeetah, P and Mohee, R. 2012. Bioethanol production from readily available lignocellulosic biomass in Mauritius through Enzymatic Hydrolysis, International Conference on Technology transfer on Renewable Energy (ICTTRE 2012), 21-22 June 2012; Mauritius.

Jeetah, P and Mohee, R. 2012. Potential of producing bio-ethanol for use as E10 in Transportation Sector from Low Cost Lignocellulosic Green Waste in Mauritius, ORBIT2012 conference on Global assessment for organic resources and waste management, 12-15th June 2012; Rennes

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Book Chapters

Jeetah, P., Surroop, D., Mohee, R., Leal, W., Schulte, V. and Gottwald, J. 2013. Strategies developed for the Small Island States (SIDS) to enhance renewable Energy utilization by DIREKT, Climate – Smart Technologies, Chapter 17, pp 235- 244, ISBN 978-3-642-37753-2, Doi 10.1007/978-3-642-37753-2_36, Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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Research Abstracts

Ganeshan. T and P.Jeetah. 2013. Efficiency of removing hardness in water using Moringa Oleifera seed suspension. Research Week 2013. University of Mauritius. 16–20 September 2013.

Jeetah, P, Hulkhory B. and Mohee, R, Bioethanol potential from palm leaves using separate saccharification and fermentation (SHF) and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF), First International Conference, Recent Advances In Bio-Energy Research (ICRABR-2015), 14 – 17 March 2015

Jeetah, P. and Etwah P. 2014. Treatment of Wastewater from Textile Industries using Thermal Power Plant Wastes. Research Week 2014. University of Mauritius. 15 – 19 September 2014.

Jeetah, P. and Mungur V. 2014. Efficiency of Used Yeast Biomass as a Biosorbent for Removal of Reactive Dyes from Textile Waste Water. Research Week 2014. University of Mauritius. 15 – 19 September 2014.

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