Doll Houses

The 'doll house project' was a community based design project regrouping the Sustainainable product design students (Level 2), to design and make doll houses for pre-primary school children. Each doll house was based on a animated cartoon theme and designed to fit in the play area of a pre-primary school. The houses were made using packaging materials and recycle products. It was a project about reusing , redesigning and remanufacturing.


beauty and the beast1Beauty and the Beast beauty and the beast2

Beauty and the Beast

bob leponge
 Bob L'eponge
simpson house 
Les Simpsons
iron man2
Iron Man
iron man house
 Iron Man


Generosity, as opposed to greed, is one of the sustainable values essential to promote social equity. Students were thus requested to donate their finished products to needy children in their locality through pre-primary schools and orphanages. 'An act of charity is a true act of sustainability'