MPhil/PhD Research (Ongoing)


Research Title


Vijaylakshmi Akhu

Automatic Detection of Uncommon Behaviour of Drivers using Deep Learning

Dr Sunilduth Baichoo

Somveer Kishnah

Automatic Mauritian Sign Language Recognition System

Dr Sunilduth Baichoo

Dr Maleikka Heenaye- Mamode Khan

Dassen Sathan

Enhancing Knowledge Discovery from Cancer Genomics data using Cloud-Based Workflows

Dr Shakun Baichoo

Lakshmi Sujeeun

Computational modeling of cell-scaffold interaction to guide scaffold design and performance for tissue engineering applications

Dr Shakun Baichoo


Aatish Chiniah

Data Management in Erasure-coded Distributed Storage Systems

Dr Avinash Mungur

Ashley Rajoo

A Generic Mobile Participatory Sensing Framework for Trustworthy and Reliable Data in Urban Spaces

Dr Mungur Avinash

Khusal Jugurnath

Formal Design process for the Mobile Learning environment

Dr Nitish Chooramun 

Ashlinah Mocktoolah,

An adaptive context aware adaptive privacy framework for Proximity Based Social Networking (PBSN)

Dr Kavi Khedo

Brita Curum

A Context-Aware Framework For Dynamic Content Adaptation In Mobile Learning Platforms

Dr Kavi Khedo

Heerish Bujun

Optimal Topology for efficient routing and data aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network Urban Drainage System

Dr Kavi Khedo

Arvind Ramtohul

Lightweight and Flexible Positioning Techniques for Real-Time Mobile Augmented Reality Systems

Dr Kavi Khedo

Ashley Rajoo

A Generic Mobile Participatory Sensing Framework for Trustworthy and Reliable Data in Urban Spaces

Dr Kavi Khedo

Sudha Cheerkoot-Jalim

Text-Mining Approaches for Data-Driven Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support for Diabetes

Dr Kavi Khedo

Chandra Prakash Gumbheer,

An Adaptive Context Aware Mobile Learning Framework as Assistive Technology for Learners with Cognitive Disabilities

Dr Kavi Khedo

Kelvin N.S. Heeroo

Adaptive Slime Mould Algorithm for Sustainable Transport Development

Dr Oomesh Gukhool

Leevesh Pokhun

A Framework for Cyber bullying Prediction in Online Social Networks using Deep Learning Algorithms

Dr Yasser Chuttur

Yusuf Fauzel

Towards Improved Methods for Open Source Code Search and Reuse Using Deep Learning and Programmers Centered Design

Dr Yasser Chuttur

Sandy Ramasawmy

An Analysis of Machine Learning Models Suitable for Error Detection in Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Dr Yasser Chuttur


PhD Research (Completed)


Research Title


Completion Date

Theotime Bakunzi

Recognizing faces --- an approach based on sparse representation and support vector machines

Dr Suniduth Baichoo

Jan 2020

Kevin Persand

Comparative genomics of Mycobacteria species complex

Dr Shakun Baichoo

July 2020

(Awaiting External Examiners’ Recommendations)

Purvashi Baynath

Username and password authentication through Keystroke Dynamic

Dr Maleikka Heenaye- Mamode Khan

Nov 2020

Raj Moloo

An Audio MOOC framework leveraging the existing telephony infrastructure as an alternative to internet connectivity

Dr K. Khedo

Dec 2019

Geshwaree Huzooree

Quality of Information (QoI) Framework for Real Time Diabetes Monitoring Pervasive Healthcare Systems

Dr K. Khedo

Aug 2020



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