Research Groups

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Health Informatics Research Group

Dr. K. Khedo, Dr. (Mrs.) Shakuntala Baichoo, Mrs Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Mrs. S. Cheerkoot-Jalim, Mrs. S. Nagowah, Mrs. Z. Cadersaib, Mr. L. Nagowah

Bioinformatics Research Group

Dr. (Mrs) Shakuntala Baichoo, Mrs Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Dr. A. Ghoorah, Dr. Y. Jaufeerally

Biometric Research Group

Mrs. M. Heenaye-Mamode Khan, Dr. (Mr.) S. Baichoo, Dr. N. Pavaday

ICT for Sustainable Development and Innovation (ICT4SDI)

Dr B. Gobin-Rahimbux (Chairperson), Dr M. Heenaye-MamodeKhan, Dr N. Gooda Sahib, Dr N. Chooramun, Mrs Z. Cadersaib, Mrs S. Cheerkoot-Jalim and Mr S. Kishhah

Remote Sensing and Big Data Analytics for Disaster

Dr (Mr) S. Baichoo, Dr K. K. Khedo, Dr (Mrs) Shakuntala Baichoo

Computer Networks Research Group

Mr. J. Seetohul, Dr A. Mungur, Mr. A. Chiniah, Mrs V. Ramnarain-Seetohul

Social Informatics Research Group

Dr. Chuttur M.Y., Dr. Sameerchand P., Dr. Elaheeboccus R., Dr. Sungkur K.

Cyber Security & Forensics Research Group (CSFRG)
Collaborator: Harel Mallac Technologies
Associate Professor (Dr) Sheeba Armoogum (Group Head)
International Members:
Professor Kevin Warwick, Emeritus Professor at Coventry University and at University of Reading.
Professor Haywantee Ramkissoon, Full Professor at the University of Derby
Nicole Holmes-Goessens, Scopely, California, United States 
Nina Bual, Cyberlite Books PVT LTD, Singapore
Michelle Yao, Cyberlite Books PVT LTD, Singapore
University of Mauritius Academic Members:
Dr Avinash Utam Mungur, Senior Lecturer
Assoc. Professor (Dr) Baby Gobin-Raheembux, Associate Professor
Associate Members from Industry and other bodies:
Mr Peter Neubert, Senior Manager Business Solutions, Harel Mallac Technologies Ltd.
Mr Azyad Ahmad, Territory Manager: Indian Ocean Islands, Check Point Software Technologies.
Mr Vyankoj Mulloo, Officer in Charge, National Computer Board, Mauritius
Mr Krishna Radhakeesoon, Partner-Cybersecurity @BDO IT Consulting Ltd., Mauritius
Mr Mario Layduhur, CEO/Partner @ITSec Ltd.- BDO Mauritius
Mr Hervin Meetoo, Manager @ITSec Ltd.- BDO Mauritius
Mr Pravesh Gaonjur, General Manager, Tylers-Information Security Experts
Mr Lavanya-Nehan Degambur, Lecturer, AMITY Higher Education Mauritius
Mr Kavi Ramchurn, Mauritius Police Force
Mr Hurrychurn Thakoor, Mauritius Police Force
Ms Deepshikha Meetoo, PWC, UK

Students (Level 2), Bachelor in Applied Science in Cyber Operations with Emphasis in Defense and Forensics
Ms Loveina Moodhoo, Mauritius
Ms Urvashee Marday, Mauritius
Ms Vanusha Kaully, Mauritius
Ms Manishaa Toolooa, Mauritius
Mr Syed Altaaf Mahomathoo Ghaboos, Mauritius
Ms Lakshana Appadoo, Mauritius





Department of Digital Technologies (DT)

Welcome to the Digital Technologies (DT) Department! The DT Department is one of the three departments constituting the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital technologies at the University of Mauritius.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT Department aims at providing an innovative and a creative future for the ICT graduates and postgraduates for them to be able to serve the growing needs of ICT sector for the benefit of society.

Department of Software and Information Systems (SIS)

If you are passionate about Business Systems, Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and related topics, you have come to the right place.




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