Supporting the growth and development of Mauritian agricultural and food systems for over 108 years

The Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) has played a crucial role in advancing the agricultural sector in Mauritius and beyond by producing skilled graduates and fostering capacity building. Through cutting-edge research, the FoA has generated new scientific knowledge in key agricultural and food domains, with findings published in prestigious international journals. Boasting a vibrant alumni network, FoA graduates have made significant contributions in both public and private sectors, locally and globally. Additionally, FoA's academic staff actively participate in and contribute to boards and committees of governmental and non-governmental institutions, NGOs, and commissioned research work. This article explore the multifaceted role of the Faculty of Agriculture in shaping the future of agriculture through education, research, and impactful collaborations.

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Department of Agricultural Production & Systems (APS)

Welcome to the Agricultural Production & Systems (APS) Department! The APS Department is one of the two departments constituting the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Mauritius.

Department of Agricultural & Food Science (AFS)

The Department of Agricultural and Food Science (AFS) carries out scientific research, university teaching, consultancy and outreach in different research areas as follows: Biotechnology and Microbiology, Food Science and Technology, Aquaculture and Crop Protection, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry