Discover a world of opportunities in agriculture at the Faculty of Agriculture! Our undergraduate programmes cover a wide range of fields including agriculture, food science and technology, biotechnology, and microbiology and other related sciences. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive education that meets the ever-changing demands of the agricultural and allied sectors.

Our flagship programme, the BSc (Hons) in Agriculture, has undergone continuous improvements to adapt to industry advancements. In addition to this, we have introduced new programmes like the BSc in Food Science and Technology and the BSc (Hons) in Microbiology to address emerging trends in agriculture and food sectors.

To ensure our students are well-prepared for the workforce, we have implemented a 3½-year degree programme with a 6-month internship since 2018. This allows students to gain practical skills and firsthand experience in the working environment.

All our programmes are fully modularized and credit-based under the LCCS system. This system provides flexibility for students to progress at their own pace while enabling continuous evaluation of their performance. The modules are offered over two semesters in an academic year, and in addition to the core subjects, we also focus on developing students' interpersonal and transferable skills.

Our department comprises a team of dedicated academics who specialize in various areas, including crop science, animal science, agribusiness management, agri-food value chain development, statistics and biometry, IT, and scientific communication in agriculture.

We place a strong emphasis on industry partnerships and collaboration with key stakeholders. Through our 6-month work placement programme and industry-led dissertations, we provide valuable opportunities for our students to gain real-world experience.

In the upcoming academic year 2023/2024, we are excited to introduce new programmes such as Digital Agriculture, Intelligent Information Management for Agribusiness. These programs reflect our commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural education and setting a high-level agenda for our department.

Join us in our pursuit of excellence in agricultural education and together let's make a difference in the agricultural and allied sectors! Our curriculum aligns with industry needs, and we foster entrepreneurship. Join us in making a positive impact on the agriculture sector.