In line with the mission and objectives of the University as outlined int its Strategic Plan (1999-2004), the Faculty of Law & Management, during the academic year 2000-2001, strengthened its policy of increased access to tertiary education for all categories of students. The programmes on offer continued to cater for the needs of school leavers. In addition, special efforts were made with regards to mature students already in full time employment and who at the same time, desire to improve their skills and qualifications. Programmes in the field of law, management, business studies and accountancy were thus mounted and offered on a part-time basis. The result was that the number of part-time students admitted to the Faculty during the year exceeded the number of full-time students. The Faculty once more responded positively to requests from the public sector to offer programmes aimed at civil servants; the Diploma in Management with specialization in Human Resource Management mounted at the request of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms testifies to this. Mention must also be made of the BSc (Hons) Police Studies to which a second cohort of Police Officers was admitted.



Department of Finance & Accounting

The department of Finance and Accounting is one of the most burgeoning department at the University and aims towards excellence

Department of Law

The Department of Law was established in 1985, as a result of the enactment of the Law Practitioners Act in 1984,

Department of Management

The Department of Management (DOM) is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Law and Management since its creation in 1992.