The Faculty intends to develop and implement a Research Strategy to facilitate the definition and alignment of research activities with the overall research strategy of the University of Mauritius. In line with the policies of the Government of Mauritius, research at the University of Mauritius has never been as important as it is today. The Research Strategy of the Faculty of Law and Management (FLM) reflects our efforts to make the faculty a research-oriented one. The strategy has been informed by research strengths, opportunities, needs and the national policy goals and priorities of the Government of Mauritius. Although FLM is a relatively young faculty, we have made considerable efforts in engaging in research and we are now trying to gear up to the next level, that is aiming at high impact research. FLM is aiming at excellence in research in the coming years and also hope to be able to assist in informed prioritized national policies through research. It is noteworthy that recently (in 2011), FLM created the post of a Faculty Research Advisor to build capacity and to better coordinate and promote research at the faculty. Last but not least, since research funding is often the limiting factor, FLM is also aiming at generating the critical funding through tapping of research grants both nationally and internationally and we are aware that the right signal of quality in research and hard work is an essential in that quest



Department of Finance & Accounting

The department of Finance and Accounting is one of the most burgeoning department at the University and aims towards excellence

Department of Law

The Department of Law was established in 1985, as a result of the enactment of the Law Practitioners Act in 1984,

Department of Management

The Department of Management (DOM) is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Law and Management since its creation in 1992.