The Faculty offers taught Masters programmes, and MPhil and PhD degrees by research.

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LM505 Masters of Business Administration 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM510 MBA with specialisation in Financial Services 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM503 MBA with specialisation in Human Resource Management 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM513 MSc Digital Marketing 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM550F MSc Finance 1 Yrs F/T PDF  PDF
LM550 MSc Finance 2 Yrs P/T PDF  PDF
LM552 MSc Financial Technology 2 Yrs P/T PDF  PDF
LM507 MSc International Business Management 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM517 MSc Human Capital Management 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM518 MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management 2 Yrs P/T PDF PDF
LM523 LL.M. in Corporate Law 2 Yrs P/T PDF  PDF
LM525 LL.M. in Business and Tax Law 1 Yr F/T PDF PDF
LM522  LL.M. in Human Rights  2 Yrs P/T  PDF  PDF

 *Accessible to staff and registered students only

Department of Finance & Accounting

The department of Finance and Accounting is one of the most burgeoning department at the University and aims towards excellence

Department of Law

The Department of Law was established in 1985, as a result of the enactment of the Law Practitioners Act in 1984,

Department of Management

The Department of Management (DOM) is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Law and Management since its creation in 1992.