Main Areas of Research:

Research work is carried out in collaboration with research institutions and industry in the following fields:

  • Production of Sustainable Materials from Bagasse;
  • Investigation Into the Use of Sugarcane Bagasse for Producing Fibre-Based Composites;
  • Investigation Into the Use of Vacoas Leaf Fibrous Materials for Commercial Applications;
  • Development & Marketing of a Clothing Brand for a Small & Medium Enterprise in Mauritius;
  • Investigating the Electrospinning of Extracts of Medicinal Plants for Wound Repair Applications;
  • Design and Production of Nonwoven re-claimed fibre-based webs for noise damping & insulating applications;
  • Development of biodegradable non-woven structure as a substitute for synthetic material in agriculture;
  • Use of eco-friendly odour absorbing chemicals for domestic applications and textiles.
  • Development of a Colour Recognition System for the Visually Impaired;
  • Software Development for Surface Texture and Appearance of Fibrous Materials.


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