Dr Aatish Chiniah

Senior Lecturer | Head of Digital Technologies Department

Tel: 403-7400 Ext 7763

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Welcome to the Digital Technologies (DT) Department! The DT Department is one of the three departments constituting the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital technologies at the University of Mauritius.

Our main teaching and research areas are in Mobile Application Development, Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things, Sensor Systems, Pervasive Computing, Context Awareness, Social Computing, Health Informatics, Personalized Healthcare, Computing for Life Sciences, Sensing Technologies, Bioinformatics, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia and Computer Vision amongst others. The department currently offers 2 undergraduate (BSc) courses, ( 1) Applied Computing and (2) Mobile and Smart Technologies, as well as a graduate course (MSc.) in Applied Software Technologies in collaboration with an industry partner. We have also launched a new programme, the BSc (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects which is due to start in 2021-2022. Our programmes are constantly updated to meet the latest needs of the industry.

Our staff are continuously being trained on the latest technologies, innovative teaching methods and leadership skills to ensure that students are given the best quality teaching. We are a dynamic team who is highly engaged in research, working on both local and international projects. We regularly give seminars and present our research in conferences and symposiums. Students who join our department get a chance to work and contribute to various research projects.

We provide full support to our students in achieving their goals at the University and help them grow both academically and personally. Our students are highly motivated and participate in activities organized by the department, feel a sense of belonging to the department and keep in touch with us long after leaving the University.

Hope to see you soon in the DT Department!



Department of Digital Technologies (DT)

Welcome to the Digital Technologies (DT) Department! The DT Department is one of the three departments constituting the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital technologies at the University of Mauritius.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT Department aims at providing an innovative and a creative future for the ICT graduates and postgraduates for them to be able to serve the growing needs of ICT sector for the benefit of society.

Department of Software and Information Systems (SIS)

If you are passionate about Business Systems, Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and related topics, you have come to the right place.




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