The vision of the Digital Technologies department is to become a centre of excellence in the field of applied computing technologies and to open up new horizons in digital technologies through academic research, development and innovation.


The mission of the Digital Technologies department is to provide excellent tertiary-level education and training in applied areas of Information Technology (IT) and application of digital technologies to various scientific disciplines. Our goal is to produce graduates with a strong base of technical knowledge and skills to solve complex real-life problems in various domains/disciplines. Moreover, the department wishes to explore the use of digital technologies for cutting-edge smart services in the different areas of the knowledge-based economy and the society at large.


Our goals are as follows:

  • Engage in teaching activities in state-of-the-art applied computing technologies.
  • Conduct research activities in applied computing technologies in order to solve complex real-life problems.
  • Conduct teaching and research in inter-disciplinary areas such as health informatics, educational technologies and marine technologies.
  • Collaborate with industry, both to transfer research results into practice and to identify problems requiring further research.
  • Collaborate with the government agencies to solve problems of national interest.
  • Develop competencies and excellence in design, development and application of various emerging technologies in software systems.
  • Offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes relevant to the Industry in emerging areas of the economy.
  • Offer lifelong learning and knowledge enhancement programmes which are relevant to the industry in the areas related to applied computing technologies.
  • Foster a sense of service, professionalism, ethics, and dedication in our students.
  • Remain responsive to the needs of our communities (the public, our profession, academia, our university, our faculty, our students, and business and industry, as well asthe environment).



Department of Digital Technologies (DT)

Welcome to the Digital Technologies (DT) Department! The DT Department is one of the three departments constituting the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital technologies at the University of Mauritius.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT Department aims at providing an innovative and a creative future for the ICT graduates and postgraduates for them to be able to serve the growing needs of ICT sector for the benefit of society.

Department of Software and Information Systems (SIS)

If you are passionate about Business Systems, Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and related topics, you have come to the right place.




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