PhD Graduants
List of Graduants
Name  Year of Award  Title of Project Supervisor
 Dr Vishal Chandr JAUNKY    2009  Public Policy Issues in Africa: A Study of Education, Energy and Health  Dr A J Khadaroo
 Dr Boopendra SEETANAH    2010  Transport Development and Economic Development: An African Perspective  Dr A J Khadaroo
 Dr Sawkut Ally ROJID    2011  Preferential Market Access - A Case Study of Mauritius  Dr V Ancharaz
 Dr Krishna CHIKHURI    2013  Selected Essays on Agricultural Trade Liberalization in Sub-Saharan African Countries  Dr V Ancharaz
 RAMSOHOK Sonalisingh (Ms)     Exploring the Ricardian Model: An Experimental Investigation  Dr B M Nowbutsing





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