Discussion Papers

The DES issues a Discussion Paper series in Economics that includes both theoretical and empirical research papers. This initiative is to provide both staff members and students with the research output of the Department and to encourage researchers to obtain feedbacks on their papers.

  • 2006/3 "Modelling Political Economy of Social Security in Mauritius: A Game Theoretic Approach" by Avinash S. Samboo and Shyam Nath.
  • 2006/2 "An Analysis of Productive Efficiency of Banks: A Study of the Post-Financial Liberalisation Period in Mauritius" by Kheswam Jankee.
  • 2006/01 “Foreign Ownership and Labour Productivity in Sub Saharan Africa” by Verena Tandrayen, Shyam Nath and Chris Milner.
  • 2005/02 “A Counterfactual Analysis of Fiscal Decentralisation in Small Countries: The Case of Mauritius” by Shyam Nath and Larry Schroeder.
  • 2005/01 “Aid Motivation and Donor Behaviour” by Shyam Nath and Sanjeev K. Sobhee.
  • 2002/01 “Trade Liberalisation and Foreign Direct Investment in an Export Processing Zone-based Economy: A Theoretical Framework” by Vinaye Ancharaz.
  • 2001/01 “Capturing Aid’s Effectiveness through Growth Models: The Role of Human Capital” by Ramesh Durbarry.

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