Overview of Department


Economics and Statistics affect each and every one of us. It is not only essential to know how the world works: it is also vital to know how we live our lives and the everyday choices we make. That is why we are passionate about the subject. The Department strives for excellence in the classroom! The knowledge of economics and statistics is indispensable to those interested in current affairs, particularly now and in recent years. It is also an ideal complement for many other disciplines including but not limited to accountancy, business, management, law, psychology and sociology.

The Department presently runs around 11 undergraduate and 5 post-graduate programmes. It offers a broad range of programmes of study, combining all of the core analytical and quantitative techniques required by modern economics and statistics graduates. Our programmes cover essential areas namely financial economics, public economics, monetary economics, actuarial science, business statistics, governance, international trade, econometrics, quantitative methods, labour economics, development economics and environmental economics among others.

We provide a stimulating environment for learning and over the years student enrolment has been rising. Our students have many opportunities to expand their academic activities beyond coursework, including participating in research projects among others. An economics graduate from the University of Mauritius is highly sought after in the job market, and well-placed to progress to graduate study. Career opportunities abound for our graduates who have found professional homes in both the public (local government agencies) and private (banking, consulting, retail) sectors. In addition, a degree in Economics or a degree in Statistics is an excellent springboard for graduate school. Likewise, our Master's programmes prepare students for a wide range of consulting and applied research positions in private industry and government, as well as teaching positions. The job market for economists and statistics at all levels has been excellent and our graduates have obtained positions in Mauritius and abroad.



The Department is constantly strengthening its research capacity and builds on its reputation for excellence. Every member of staff is research-active as most of us are involved in wider research networks around the world. We are engaged in local as well as international consultancies which are used to design relevant policies for governmental bodies. Our research areas are diverse ranging from economic development, poverty, labour market, international trade, governance, financial economics, green economy, public sector policy, climate change to gender issues (please refer to page on Research Areas). Our work is also growing ever more interdisciplinary in scope, reach and significance. We are also involved in carrying out applied and theoretical investigations that are published in international refereed journals.





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