Mphil/ Phd

The Department also offers doctoral training in Economics for prospective students. The Department runs the MPhil/PhD programme which is structured to develop high quality research and teaching skills. It prepares students for academic positions in universities and for advanced research positions in the government sector, non-government organizations and private sector.


Name Mode of Study Title of Project Supervisor(s)
GOKHOOL Suneila (Ms) F/T The Impact of Economic Crisis on Employment and Income Distribution in Sub-Saharan African Economies Dr V Tandrayen-Ragoobur (Co)
Dr H Kasseeah (Co)
GUNGARAM Girash (Mr) P/T Regional Financial Integration: Case of SADC Assoc Prof Bundoo
LUCKHO Takesh (Mr) F/T Regionalisation, Trade and Economic Growth: Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Dr A J Khadaroo
Divyata Naggea P/T Risk Management of Banking Institutions: A Mauritian Case Associate Professor Jameel Khadaroo
PRAYAGSING Chakeel Coomar (Mr) P/T The Impact of External Financing on Corporate Sector in Developing Countries - A case study of Mauritius Dr Jankee
RAMSOHOK Sonalisingh (Ms) F/T Exploring the Ricardian Model: An Experimental Investigation Dr B M Nowbutsing
SUNECHER Yuvraj (Mr) P/T Analysis of Multivariate Time Series of Counts Assoc Prof V Jowaheer (Main) (FOS)
Dr Mamode Khan (Assoc)





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