The department has 4 laboratories:

  1. Chemical Engineering Lab
  2. Sugar Technology Lab
  3. Sustainable Environmental Lab
  4. Solid Waste Lab

These laboratories are run by the 3 technical staff namely:.

Mr Satyadeo Beekhun (Principal Technician), Mr Deepak Reedoye (Technician) and Ms Pritima Unauth.

Chemical Engineering Laboratory

The Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Laboratory, located at the ground floor of the Phase II Building of the University, contains most of the equipment related to chemical engineering. The main practicals carried out are related to thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, unit operations, combustion and incineration, and renewable energy technologies.

Air and water heat pump used for Thermodynamic practicals

Bench top cooling tower used for Heat Transfer practicals

Fluid bed heat transfer unit used for practicals in Unit Operations

Gaseous diffusion apparatus used for Mass Transfer practicals

Centrifugal pump used for lab practicals

Combustion unit used for lab practicals

Sugar Technology Laboratory

The Sugar Technology Laboratory, situated at the ground floor of the Phase II Building of the University, is used for practicals on sugar technology and bioenergy feedstock such ethanol and bagasse.

007 sacchoramat

Saccharomat used for Sugar Technology practicals

Sustainable Environmental Laboratory

The Sustainable Environment Laboratory, located on the 6 thfloor of the Sir Edouard Lim Fat Engineering Tower, is used mainly for conducting practicals on wastewater.

008 cod measurement

COD reactor for Wastewater Engineering practicals

009 spectrophotometer

DR 2500 Spectrophotometer for nitrate and phosphate analyses

010 bod incubator

BOD incubator

Solid Waste Lab

This Solid Waste Engineering Laboratory, located at the basement of the Sir Edouard Lim Fat Engineering Tower, is used for conducting practicals on solid waste such as composting and anaerobic digestion analyses.

011 student composter

A student handling a composter

Equipment and facilities available in the laboratories
Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Steam to Water Heat Exchanger Apparatus
Air and Water Heat Pump Apparatus
Nozzle Performance Test Unit
Fluidisation Bed Apparatus
Free and Forced Convection Heat Transfer Unit
Temperature Measurement Unit
Benchtop Cooling Tower Apparatus
Ro-Tap testing Sieve Shaker
Liquid Diffusion Apparatus
Gaseous Diffusion Apparatus
Electronic Weighing Scale (3)
Liquid Liquid Extraction Unit
Liquid Phase Chemical Reactor
Heat Conduction Apparatus
Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
Heat Radiation Apparatus
Bomb Calorimeter
Combustion Laboratory Unit
Refrigeration Laboratory Unit
Vacuum Oven
Sugar Technology Laboratory
Sacccharomat Sugar Analysis
Brookfield Viscometer
Water Bath
Karl Fisher Titrator
Water Still
Saybolt Viscometer
Weghing Balance
Fume Hood
Kjeldahl Digestion
Brookfield Viscometer
Saccharomat 3 Dur
Abbe Refractometer
Gas Calorimeter
Ball Mixer
Brookfield Viscometer LV
Infrared Balance
Gas Analysers
Temperature measurement
Rs Heater
Flask Shaker
Pcs Lab
Rotating Dissolving Machine
Perastaltic Pumps
Gas Analyser Orsat
Sustainable Environmental Laboratory
Vacuum Filter
Light Spectrophotometer
Conductivity Meter
pH Meter
COD Digestion Block
Stirrer (3)
Electronic Weighing Scale (1)
Water Still
Rotary Evaporator
Turbidity Meter
DO Meter
Solid Waste Lab
Anaerobic Digesters
Compost Controller

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Chemical engineering is a discipline influencing numerous areas of technology.

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has been offering courses at Diploma and Degree levels over the last twenty years.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has sixteen academic staff. Majority of the academic staff has a PhD and some are registered professional engineers.

Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development

Welcome to the Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development.

Mechanical & Production Engineering Department

The MPED Programmes have been designed to meet these up-to-date requirements and help graduates pursue engineering and management careers locally and overseas.