1. Teams should comprise of only students of their faculty
  2. Registration for entries of team is unlimited
  3. Students and Staff should be properly kit in sport attire
  4. All activities will be run at the UoM Gymnasium except FOOTBALL which will be played adjacent to the Gymnasium, POOL at the Students Centre & PETANQUE near staff club (Petanque Pitch)
  5. Note that FOOTBALL, POOL & PETANQUE tournaments will be run throughout the Sports Week whereas other activities will be run as follows as from 09.15 Hrs:
    • MONDAY           -        Street Football & Table-Tennis & Pool & Petanque & Athletics (Throw Event)
    • TUESDAY           -        Street Football & 5-a side Indoor Football Women & Pool & Petanque & Athletics (Jump Event)                       
    • WEDNESDAY -        Street Football  & Pool & Petanque & Basketball (M/F)
    • THURSDAY -        Street Football & Pool & Petanque & Badminton & Athletics (Track Event)
    • FRIDAY           -          Street Football Finals & 5-a side Indoor Football Women & Pool & Petanque &  Tug of War & Volleyball (M/F)
    • SATURDAY – Petanque & Prize Giving Ceremony in POWA ( 12:00 – 15:00)

Indoor Football Women

  1. Matches will be played on a Single League basis for two halves of 7 Mins
  2. In case of a draw, there will be 3 penalty shoot outs
  3. If a draw still persists, then sudden death will be applied
  4. Teams should be present at least 15 minutes prior to the time scheduled
  5. Students once registered have no right to play for more than one team of their faculty
  6. Captains of teams should be responsible for the good conduct of their players and should see that RULE 7 is kept in force throughout the tournament. In case of breach of RULE 7, the team will be automatically disqualified from the tournament
  7. The referee’s decision will be FINAL
  8. Players, who received 2 yellow cards or a red card, will automatically not be eligible to play for the next round.


  1. The Football Tournament is reserved to University Students and Staff ONLY.
  2. No player has the right to play for more than one team in the same Tournament.
  3. Once a team has been eliminated, no player of that team shall take further part in the same Tournament.
  4. The Captain of the team shall be responsible for his team and shall be the one to see to it that the rules and regulations are abided to.
  5. Any infringements of the rules and regulations, the player at fault shall cause his team to be disqualified from the tournament.
  6. The Football Tournament will be governed by the FIFA rules and regulations.
  7. Players who received 2 yellow cards or a red card, will automatically not be eligible to play for the next round
  8. The Sports Committee shall have the right to take any decision in so far as the running of the tournament is concerned.
  9. Any decision of the Sports Committee is final.
  10. A team will comprise of 4 active players including the goal keeper and 3 substitutes will be permitted at any time during the play (Rolling)
  11. The matches will be divided into two halves of 7 mins each.
  12. (a) There will be no offside rule. But outfield players must not enter the penalty area.
  13. No dangerous play including sliding tackles from any direction – violent and dangerous charging will not be allowed.
  14. (a) A yellow card will result in 1 or 2 minutes penalty at the discretion of the referee

     (b) A red card will be only given for serious foul play, violent conduct or abuse of the referee. The player will be sent off immediately and not be allowed back during the game. No replacement player will be allowed on. 

  1. Substitution can take place at any time during a game, but the player leaving the playing area must touch hands with the entering player near the bench area before the substitute can enter the play.
  2. A goal area will be marked off in which the goalkeeper may handle the ball.
  3. All players must wear athletic shoes. Shin guard will be compulsory during play.
  4. On all restarts, kick off and goal kicks, opposition must stand at least 5 yards from the ball. Penalty kicks will be taken 8 yards from the goal line.
  5. Goalkeeper – On all goalkeeper saves, the ball must be thrown. The thrown ball must touch any player before crossing the midfield line.  The goalkeeper may not place the ball on the floor to be kicked or dribbled by him once possession has been established.
  6. If the game stays tied there will be 3 penalties shoot out. If the tied persists, then sudden death will be applied.
  7. (a)Failure by a team to put the ball into play within 5 seconds, as signalled by the referee, shall result in a possession turnover to the opponent.

22 (b).Football Teams with identification of ethnic groups will not be accepted. Thus, it will be in conformity with the government policy.    

  1. All team must be ready 30 minutes prior to their schedule match and may contact the Sports attendant ( for arrangement of Football jerseys / Bips)


  1. Matches will be played on a best of 3 sets basis and 15 points tie-break
  2. There will be a 2-points difference for a winner of a set


  1. Matches will be played on a 4 quarters basis each of 5 minutes duration
  2. Only 3x3 tournament will be run for WOMEN on a two quarters of 7 minutes basis


MEN – Team should comprise of a minimum of 5 players – 3 singles / 2 Doubles

WOMEN – Team should comprise of a minimum of 3 players – 2 Singles / 1 Doubles


MEN – Team should comprise of a minimum of 5 players – 3 singles / 2 Doubles

WOMEN – Team should comprise of a minimum of 3 players – 2 singles / 1 Double


Matches will be played on an OPEN KNOCK OUT BASIS (MEN/WOMEN)    


Team should comprise of 3 players – 2 men and 1 woman or vice versa                                                                   

Matches should be played an open knock out basis.


Team should comprise of minimum 7 players.